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In just 3 hours you will learn:


  • 5 different strategies to achieve financial freedom through a complete system based on cryptocurrency, gold & real estate investment.
  • How to earn passive income through various platforms which will improve your monthly income!
  • How to create a safe and future-proof retirement fund!


This 3 Hour event takes place globally

Sean Maaske is an expert in cryptocurrencies trading and mining for more than 4 years! He has years sharing his vast knowledge all around the world! By using proven and unique strategies he has revolutionised the way to invest in cryptocurrencies, gold and real estate with one aim, financial freedom!

Sean Maaske will cover any myths or misconceptions regarding the use of Cryptocurrencies and will make educated predictions on where Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is heading!

The seminar will cover strategies in which you can use to be able to achieve financial freedom!

Strategies including investment with up to 5% ROI per month, with trustworthy and certified platforms that stood the test of time and maintained active development throughout many years.

You will learn the difference between cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrency mining, their advantages and drawbacks.

A limited number of seats are left! Book your seat now to ensure that you do not miss this life-changing opportunity!




15 September 2018 SLOVENIA - City Hotel Ljublijana 7pm to 10pm BOOK NOW
18 September 2018 LONDON - Keynote Theatre 8pm to 11pm BOOK NOW
20 September 2018 MUNICH - P.E.G EG B304 24 7pm to 10pm BOOK NOW 
22 September 2018 STOCKHOLM - First Hotel Norrtull 12pm to 2pm BOOK NOW