WYW AU Passive Income Mastery 1Day

Global currencies are devaluing in the economic crisis and the time has come to change our mindsets, to think differently. Join the digital revolution and hedge against inflation by applying tried and tested wealth creation strategies developed by our experts in the fields of personal and wealth coaching.

Presented by Conray Labuschagne, regarded as one of the leading Passive Income, Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Experts Globally, educating and teaching people from all walks of life on how to get involved with Passive Income, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies through innovative technology. Hedge yourself against the devaluation of Currencies and the Old Money System and embrace the Digital Currency Revolution.

Using residual income to create passive income streams can be the key to financial freedom, so transform a dream into reality with planning and focus and by using tried and tested wealth building strategies.


  • BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTOCURRENCY - With all the buzz about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it is confusing to say the least. We make it easy to understand how to choose a coin and learn how to mine it
  • GOLD & DIGITAL GOLD - The wider perception is that holding gold is only for the elite few. Not so, find out how you too can invest in gold at affordable prices.
  • PROPERTY INVESTMENT - Learn to navigate the pitfalls of investing in property. How to buy a property and create a passive income stream by renting that property out.
  • GLOBAL MARKET TRADING - Learn what the best trading strategies are for trading on the global markets from experts with the knowledge you need.




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